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Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 18: Cork board

It's been a few days. On Friday and Saturday our family joined some of my brothers, nephews, niece and the Jolley family to camp, boat, and enjoy the 108 degree weather on Lake Mead. The water was wonderful and the night was HOT! My "crafting" there included trying to get up on a wake board, preparing meals for the crew,swimming with my kids, tubing, building sandcastles, and setting up and taking down tents. My Sunday, the fourth was a busy one as well, with getting the kids ready for church, having to play piano for sacrament, teaching the lesson in my young women's class, preparing a big dish of enchiladas, making desserts and joining extended family and friends for dinner and the Pahrump annual fireworks display. It was a wonderful weekend but I didn't have much time for real crafting.
Today's craft I'm going to share is a cork board I've made over. I use it to hang up all my pictures I've received this year of families and friends I get around the holidays, engagement photos, senior pics, etc. This is how it looked before the makeover.

Then with a little red paint around the border, some pretty green material hot glued on to the face of the cork board, black and white ribbon wrapped around rope to hang it on the wall, and a little bow added for embellishment, this is how it turns out. Pictures included on the cork board to add emphasis (but really because I was too lazy to take them off:)) And If your photos are not on it, that is because I didn't receive yours, so next year don't forget me:)


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  1. Cute! I haven't sent out a family letter in about 2 years, but I mean to soon. :)