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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 11: Office Chairs

My hubby Timmy was in need of two more chairs for his office. Usually three chairs is more than enough, but the other day one of his clients had three other family members accompany her for an appointment. This has happened once before, but luckily one of his good friends that has an office next door loaned him a few of his chairs. This time his friend was out of town so he headed to Wal-Mart and bought two folding chairs before the appointment for 20 bucks each!! Later that day when he was telling me about that purchase I asked him to give me a few days to see what I could find at our local thrift stores. And this is what I found (within 30 minutes of our conversation).

Two of these chairs priced at $10 each, but ended paying a total $14 for both at checkout. Score!! Tim liked the style, but wanted black chairs. BUUUUT with a coat of primer and two coats of black spray paint this is what we got.
Exactly what he was looking for and all for less then what he paid for one folding chair. I love how easy it is to return things to Wal-Mart:)



  1. Isn't it awesome how simple it is to change the look with just a little paint? Crazy! I LOVE me some spray paint -- you can do SOOO much with it! And 2 chairs for $14 is awesome! And they are in such great condition -- great find!

  2. That is a crazy price to pay for folding chairs! This one has way more character and I love black furniture. Great job!

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